Lucy Pearman: Baggage

By Ron Bingham

Looking for a show full of prop based craziness? Come along to Lucy Pearman’s show, get your bag checked by the security guard at the door, and prepare for take-off to a journey into hilarious surrealism.

There is a lot of audience participation, a little water may get sprayed, there is some simulated nudity (which goes a little too far) and by the end of the show, you will be wondering how Lucy survived in all those layers.

The plot of the show is that Lucy wants to get away but she is carrying too much baggage, so we see her removing layers of herself until she is just right. Possibly a metaphor or just a premise to wrap all those props around. It doesn’t matter as the show is hilarious and the audience was having a great time. Good luck getting a ticket as there may be only one or two left for the rest of Lucy’s run by now. An absolute cracker of a show.

Baggage is on at Monkey Barrel Comedy until August 25