Chris Betts: Dumb but Fair

By Ron Bingham

Dumb but Fair was a show in the Blundabus, that happened to be starting as I was walking past. I’m glad I took the chance as Canadian Chris Betts had some very funny stories about his youth and the indiscretions of his friends (in a downmarket strip club). He also gave us some juicy (but totally unsubstantiated) celebrity gossip. I’m not too sure I appreciated his story about the kinky animals on the horse stud farm, but that’s all a matter of taste. It was a very risque and adult show for someone performing quite loudly on the top deck of a bus in the middle of a major Fringe pedestrian intersection at 5pm but I don’t think Chris cares about the social niceties.

The seating on the bus is not the most comfortable, especially when it was jammed full of people with a couple of extras on the stairwell. I recommend buying a ticket, as I was the last one in before the cut-off, and you don’t want to be forced to listen to the show from down in the street. Chris also has another show at the Fringe, in which he argues the contrary position for any statement, which sounds fascinating.

Dumb but Fair is on at Heroes @ Bob’s BlundaBus until August 25