5 Good Reasons to see Kieran Bullock Builds IKEA Furniture and Talks To The Audience

1. Schadenfreude (the German word for taking joy in the misery in others)
Let’s be honest- your initial reaction is why on earth would you go and watch this show? But also, you know you kind of want to. Building IKEA furniture is a notorious enterprise at the best of times. But watching someone else stumble their way through the process? That could be a disaster. That could be very entertaining. What’s the Swedish word for schadenfreude?

2. You might get a free piece of furniture.
Kieran is 33 years old – he lives in the fully-furnished house. What’s he going to do with all that furniture? He’s building pieces for some friends, but that’s not every night. The rest of it might just go to a good home – maybe yours??

3. You might see a Guinness World Record set on Grand Final Eve.
Currently under consideration by Guinness, Kieran is planning to (officially or not) set a world record for the fastest to build the iconic BILLY bookcase. You know the BILLY? You’ve almost certainly lived in a house with one. The date for this ludicrous venture is Friday September 27th, which is the Grand Final Eve public holiday. A massive day off work with parades, world records, and football! UP THE (insert your team here)!!!

4. You won’t be disappointed.
Often your level of enjoyment is determined by the expectations you brings to the show. Where do you set the bar? What’s it about, and what should I expect? Questions like that. This show will, at the very least, meet your expectations. Kieran Bullock will build IKEA furniture and talk to you, the audience. EXPECTATIONS MET. But what else will happen? Could be literally anything. Could be fifty minutes of pure flat-pack carnage. Could be worth tuning in for.

5. It was good enough for Timeout, and the Fringe Festival launch party. But it could still be a disaster!
This show was listed on Timeout’s Top Picks of the Fringe list – what do they know that we don’t? Nothing! They just looked at the concept and liked it. So did Melbourne Fringe, who invited Kieran on stage to build a piece of furniture at the Fringe program launch party. With no talking, just building, Kieran assembled his first piece of IKEA furniture in a decade – the TYSIL bedside table. And it took an HOUR AND A HALF! His Fringe show is fifty minutes long. It could be disaster. But, just quietly, that might be the best bit!

Kieran Bullock Builds IKEA Furniture and Talks To The Audience at Trades Hall Sept 21 – 29