5 good reasons to see Just Us Girls – wHat’s a giRL?

1) It is ridiculously hilarious absolutely ridiculously funnier sillier greater more wonderful more liberating more freeing silly smart satirical contemporary dancing because I want to a love letter to feminists raising the bar in terms of celebrating female confidence and queerness breaking all the rules ridiculous darling!

2) Takes the absolute piss out of white male dominated industries and individuals, sexism, rape culture, and narcissism with a PUNK-I-DON’T-EVEN-CARE-WHATEVER attitude, as a revolt against white cis gendered men who try to put us in their place. We revolt with a smile not with anger.

3) Is an all female and non binary driven narrative.

4) Written by a graduate of the 2018 Master in Writing for Performance at the VCA, and was commissioned to be written earlier in the year (2019).

5) Will make you question what you are doing as an individual in terms of equality/inclusivity NOW and the future of equality

Just Us Girls – wHat’s a giRL? by Ellen Grimshaw is on at Trades Hall from Sept 21 – 29