5 Good Reasons to See: Jon O: the Long Boy.

1. Tickets are only $20!! Which is a great price, considering how many people want Jon. Jon is wanted in more than 12 countries, by authorities.

2. It’s very silly. Seriously, ok? NO ONE is going to get away with suggesting that this show isn’t silly. Serious right now, the show is very silly. It is no-nonsense nonsense. Do you understand? Good.

3. Jon will insult himself, so you don’t have to! Convenient!

4. It’s his first ever debut show, so he’s been preparing for this his entire life, whilst on the run from authorities

5. Jon is 1/3 of sketch group Bombastic JOE, performing to sell-out shows in both the 2018 and 2019 MICF. After being described by Funny Tonne as “a roller coaster careening out of control”, Jon wrote a formal letter of complaint to the MICF requesting that they refrain from publishing comments about his personal life.

Jon O: the Long Boy is on at Crowded in the Vaults – Vault 10 Sept 11 – 16