5 really good reasons to see Waiting for Combo

1. Everyone gets free popcorn!

2. It’s cheaper than a movie ticket.*

3. We’ve built a sketch show about movies that you can understand if you’ve seen every single sketch show and movie, or if you’ve never seen a sketch show or a movie.

4. It’s shorter, funnier and – dare we say – less depressing than Waiting for Godot. It also has very little to do with it.

5. It’s a fast-paced, bizarre journey set entirely in a cinema snack bar, so this is where you can get your silly this Fringe!

* not including cheap-ass Tuesday’s or Monday’s at Nova but our show isn’t on those days.

Caitlyn Staples and Scott Limbrick perform Waiting for Combo at TIC: Swanston from Sept 12 – 20