5 Good Reasons To See Puppet Jam

1) Puppets can do things humans can’t. Sooo many things! (i.e. If you think necromancy is cool then this show is pretty much that but instead of raising dead people with blood and guts, it’s puppets breaking the laws of reality).

2) It will be a bunch of professional puppeteers given totally, unbound, creative freedom…and the results are going to be out there!

3) If you like clown/drag/physical comedy and general silliness.

4) If you also like your comedy with a good dose of queer, feminism politics!

5) If you think puppets are lame, dull, or “just for kids”…think again! This is adults’ puppetry at it’s most wild and weird. 😉

Puppet Jam is on at The Rattlesnake Saloon from September 26 to 28