5 Good Reasons To See Princess Problems

1) Nostalgia galore! We want to relive your childhood fantasies! Who didn’t fall in love with the magic and excitement of Disney classics as kid?

2) We’ve got songs and musical numbers to delight! Let’s be real, it wouldn’t be a princess themed show if somebody didn’t break into song!

3) Real talk! It’s all fun and games in fairytale land but Princess Problems also deconstructs dives deep on social commentary. Princesses can be socially critical… who knew?

4) You’re supporting women in comedy! Meerna Yousif, Tara Fox and Maddison Verduci are all emerging players in the Melbourne comedy scene.

5) It’s funny! With appearances from historical figures and deities, there is plenty to be entertained by!

Princess Problems is on at Crowded in the Vaults from September 19 to 22