5 Good Reasons to see Is This It?

1. It’s inspired by being a teenager, and the Strokes’ debut album…
Ian McCarthy took a lot of inspiration from the way he idolised rockstars as a teenager, particularly through the way he worshiped the Strokes’ debut album, ‘Is This It?’ Ian reflects on that reverence we all had for artists as young people throughout the show.
“All of the changes that I’ve gone through as a person, since I first became obsessed with that album, and looking back on it now, it means different things to me now than it did then, but I still love it the same amount.”

2. …But, you don’t have to be a Strokes fan to enjoy or get the show!
Ian wants to stress that this show will not be exclusive to try-hard fans of the band or the album, granted though, he does make a reference to the Strokes in the following quote. The show will honestly be relatable to anyone who was a celebrity-idol-praising teenager, which is all of you, I
can bet.
“If people don’t know the album, that’s fine,” says Ian. “It’s about me, through the album as a device. There’s not going to be any super niche Strokes jokes. There’s not gonna be like; ‘Albert Hammond Junior!? I hardly know her!’ But give it a listen for sure!”

3. You can learn how to kill your problematic idols, like Ian already has.
In the current state of celebrities getting their just desserts for the heinous and problematic things they have committed in the past, you should separate yourselves from the people you once idolised, and Ian has some advice for doing that. Even on a basic level, you shouldn’t really want to obtain their incredibly fraught lifestyles anyway, according to Ian. Having once
idolised comedy icons Louis C.K. and Woody Allen, along with many problematic singers in the past, Ian says to just accept the fact they are human and ditch ‘em.
“You forget that they are just normal people. They are not necessarily these perfect, geniuses that you build them up to be. You don’t want your life to reflect theirs either. A lot of artists have messed up lives. Like, I love Lou Reed but I’m not going to go out and do heroin any time soon.”

4. This isn’t Ian’s first rodeo, despite being his debut solo comedy show.
Ian has already had plenty of experience on the stand-up stage throughout the past couple of years. Debuting at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 with two other friends in ‘2 Matts and a Rat’ (Ian was the rat) gave him plenty of opportunities to stretch his funny muscles. And, making it to the Victorian State Finals in RAW Comedy 2019 too means Ian has taken a proper comedic crack across multiple stages. Ian is particularly grateful for the two opportunities to finally spread his wings in the comedy scene.
“We got all we wanted out of it. I felt like I came out of it better as a comedian. That’s all you can really ask for.”

5. It’s hosted at Crowded in the Vaults, a particular favourite of Ian’s.
Finding a suitable venue for your debut solo show is paramount for ensuring the comedian and the audience are satisfied throughout the night and Ian thinks he’s found the perfect place to host his comedy premiere. Accessible from the city by tram, Crowded in the Vaults is already making Ian feel at home.
“The room that I’m doing my show is just really cozy. It’s a small intimate space, which for me personally is the best place to perform. You can talk to people and be a bit looser in that space.I can reach out and touch the front row…not that I’m planning on doing that but I could if I wanted to.”

Ian McCarthy performs Is This It? at Crowded in the Vaults – Vault 11, Sept 17 – 22