5 Good Reasons to See Tom Skelton: Blind Eye Spy

1. BREXIT: Want to see how Britain and Europe will fare in 2023 after Boris’ Big Brexit?

2. BLINDNESS: I’m blind but I also want to be a spy. Come and see my dream come true!

3. BERLIN:  Berlin, oh Berlin. Meine Lieblingsstadt (apart from Melbourne obviously, Berlin’s southern twin!). See me munch Currywurst, drink Rauchbier, and speak ‘ein Bisschen Deutsch’ in this ode to my ancestry and this most brilliant city. Visit Europe from the comfort of the Cooper’s Inn!

4. BELLY LAUGHS: You’ll certainly have these (I have decided to make all of these begin with B so must plough on).

5. BEER. The Germans love beer. Even more than the British.I hear the Aussies love it too. That’s got me covered from all angles! So beer features in the show. I drink it on stage and you can drink it in the audience. So join me for a beer before, during or after the show. Prost!

Tom Skelton performs Blind Eye Spy at The Coopers Inn until Sept 27