5 Good Reasons to see ‘Sri Lankan Fireteam: The Power of Song’

1. It’s a show full of tanned multi-talented firefighters who heroically strive to protect a troubled island nation, through song! Need I say more?

2. If you’re feeling really down in the dumps about foreign intervention (i.e. America’s most recent atrocities in Iran, or America’s most recent atrocities anywhere else), you’ll be glad to hear that you won’t need to suffer alone. Think of ‘Sri Lankan Fireteam’ as a kind of gleeful yet morbidly comedic immersive therapy.

3. Too busy to go on a real holiday? Well when you come to see ‘Sri Lankan Fireteam’ you’ll get to leave dreary Melbourne behind and escape to the orient for just about an hour! It’ll be quite a serene getaway.

4. If you can suspend your disbelief watching Scarlett Johansson playing a Japanese cyber-human, you can certainly watch an all South-Asian cast playing smart-talking characters from across the globe. Come along and support diversity in the arts!

5. If you think you’ve seen all the musicals ever made by man to date, then you’d be wrong! You haven’t seen this one! Come and see this stellar original comedy musical during this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The Power of Song is on at The Butterfly Club from March 24 to March 29