5 good reasons to see Amir Rahimzadeh & Sharon Heywood in Don’t Trust me, I’m a Dentist

1. We don’t believe in long drawn-out scenes that bore you to death. It’s fast-paced and quirky, inspired by our love of sketch comedy.

2. It’s poignant and not just about dentistry. It’s about high flying lives that some think we should lead.

3. More than 87% of the script did happen for real. Yes, the strange patients do actually exist and they do say the strangest things at the dentist’s.

4. It’s therapeutic and has a big message. When you leave the auditorium, you may well want to change your life for good.

5. Once you’ve seen what goes on behind surgery doors, a visit to the dentist will never be the same again.

Don’t Trust me, I’m a Dentist is on at Meat Market from March 27 to April 19