5 Good Reasons to See Alex Keen & Tess Birch in Corporate Social (Ir)responsibility

1. Alex is from Bundaberg, Tess is from Brighton. There’s gotta be something in that right?

2. We have jokes about house plants, dogs and coffee. Some comics would see these topics as off limits… but we like to take risks!

3. We’re pretty new to comedy but will probably be famous soon, make sure you can say you saw us first!

4. We both work full time corporate jobs, meaning we have extra motivation to put on a good show so that we can stop working full time corporate jobs!

5. The venue is the White Vault, part of Crowded in the Vaults. This means you can:

a. enjoy a scenic Aperol Spritz at Pilgrim Bar before, after and during* our show!

b. catch some other amazing acts before, after and during** our show!

* “during our show” we are the scenic (but before and after the river is nice).
** medical professionals recommend you see our show before you see another show during our show.

Corporate Social (Ir)responsibility is on at Crowded in the Vaults from April 6 to 19