5 Good Reasons to see Blue Sheilas: The One That Got Away

1. It’s the only show at MICF that perfectly combines cops, robbers, deceit, love, ballet and buffalos.

2. Cheese lovers will be in paradise.

3. Strap yourself in for lots of hardcore action, yet still suitable for toddlers and nannas.

4. You’ll laugh and cry as Reeni and Fiannah offer the perfect blend of humour and drama. We’re talking huge physical comedy, lightning fast scene changes, hysterical character and a good dose of feelings and heart.

5. Reeni is a 2020 Green Room Awards, Best Performer nominee; Fi is in the running for 2020 RAW Comedy. If they win, ticket prices for future shows will skyrocket, so check them out while they’re cheap and humble.

The One That Got Away is on at Tasma Terrace from March 24 to April 5