5 Good Reasons to See Bunkasaurus

1. There are just way too many circus shows for kids out there. And too many shows with princesses, or dinosaurs, or frozen dinosaurs that look like princesses. Bunkasaurus is trying to buck the trend. No dinosaurs. No princesses. Also, no treehouses or things named “…uffalo”. And no snot, or farts, or vomit. It’s bold, innovative, and cutting edge risky.

2. We’ve got 3D shadow puppetry. It’s useless trying to explain it to you. Like trying to explain the smell after rain, or the ringing in your ears after another heroine’s soaring ballad in an animated film from Hollywood. Useless trying. Come see our 3D shadow puppets and then spend time trying to pop your eyeballs back in their sockets.

3. We strike a delicate balance between eye candy, hilarity, and “…awwwww”.

4. There’s stuff in the show for the young kids, the medium kids, the large kids and the grown-ups… just no princesses or dinosaurs.

5. On request, we’ll happily improvise a dinosaur or princess shadow puppet for you. Disclaimer: you’ll need to show us how.

Bunkasaurus is on at The Malthouse from March 28 to April 11