5 Good Reasons to see Nick Capper in Tuxedo Traveller

1) I was made to travel non-stop through 8 countries aboard planes, buses, trains, taxis, ferries, tractors, motorbikes and even a paddle steamer, all while wearing a tuxedo and top hat. It was a crazy trip, and it will make you want to plan an adventure of your own.

2) My hallmark is my crazy unruly curly hair, but Russell Howard paid me 500 pounds to complete this trip with my hair straightened. I looked like Keith Urban goes to the Opera and it was honestly distressing.

3) During the Aussie leg of my Tuxedo Traveller escapades, I was cornered on a bus by a man guzzling white wine out of old coconut water bottles. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. But lucky for you, it made for a funny story.

4) If you’ve ever wanted to try something crazy but haven’t had the guts, this show might just convince you to bite the bullet! It’s full of crazy tales, songs, and lots of terrible photos – it’s the perfect show for you if you want someone other than your run of the mill hour of stand up.

5) Top hats are a lot more expensive than I’d anticipated and I am now very broke. Please buy a ticket even if you’re not going to come.

Tuxedo Traveller is on at Coopers Inn from March 25 to April 19