5 Good Reasons to see Andrew Hansen in Solo Show

1: I’m the actual, real, proper star of The Chaser’s TV shows. I know, it’s easy to get us lot confused, but basically Chris is the posh one, Chas is the Italian one, Julian’s the bald one, Craig’s the woke one, and I’m Andrew – I’m the talented one. I am the only member of the group who’s even capable of doing a live music comedy show, so there’s no other option.

2: My show features golden oldies from The Chaser TV songbook, performed live in your face. I’m including a specially updated version of ‘The Eulogy Song’ to pay tribute to all the famous pricks who’ve died since the original.

3: I rarely tour solo. So rarely, in fact, I’ve never toured solo.

4: Unlike some Chaser-branded live shows of recent years, my ‘Solo Show’ even has someone from The Chaser in it.

5: I’ve already polished the show up during a season at Adelaide Fringe, and by the end of the run many audience members required counselling to cope with how much they enjoyed it. I’ve even been forced to add a ‘trigger warning’ to my show because it can trigger feelings of overwhelming good cheer and appreciation.

6: My show is the only one in Squirrel Comedy’s ‘Five Reasons’ series that demands six reasons to see it.

Solo Show is on at Trades Hall from March 26 to April 5