5 Good Reasons to see Alice Tovey Doggo

1. The show is about dogs. The universally loved best friend of humanity. This is reason enough to see the show. But I will give you 4 more because I like you very much, person reading this article. You have kind eyes and deserve the best.

2. You might see my butt. It is one of my top 10 greatest physical features (number 1 being my cheekbones. Modesty is for chumps).

3. If you come on the same night as my grandma, you get to meet her. Honestly, she’s the best.

4. To honour the life and times of Sir Michael Parkinson. If it were not for Parky, I wouldn’t exist. Honestly. My mum physically ran into Parkinson in a restaurant after my dad proposed. Mum and Mikey talked it all through and then boom, she said yes. 27 years later, I’m here baby! Thanks mate.

5. I am the funniest person to ever have lived.

Alice Tovey Doggo is on at The Butterfly Club April 2 – 11 at 7pm

Tickets available Here:     https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/doggo