5 Good Reasons to see Callum Straford: Your Best Worst Nightmares

1. Bold sketches, outrageous songs – a night of comedy and entertainment that you will never forget!

2.This show is a love (or hate) letter to all the things that make you stressed and worried. From wooing a potential lover to sleep deprivation – Callum slaps them in the face and sends them packing!

3. This show is at The Butterfly Club, an amazingly quirky venue that is right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. The best food & drink are right at your fingertips before or after the show!!

4. Callum plays the ukulele…. need we say more?

5. Yes! We will say one last thing – If you have read this far without booking…. what are you doing?! Book now!

Callum Straford presents Your Best Worst Nightmares at The Butterfly Club Apr 12 – 19

Tickets Available Here:  https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/your-best-worst-nightmares