5 Good Reasons to See Gillian English: She Wolf

1. You’ll learn so much! Think of She Wolf as a profanity laden Ted Talk, done in character with interjections of Shakespearean monologues. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn heaps!

2. I’m an Australian Permanent Resident, but I still have that foreign Canadian accent. Missing the internationals this festival? I got ya covered!

3. If you love Shakespeare, you’ll enjoy this new look at his historical works in a modern context.

4. If you hate Shakespeare, you’ll enjoy this ruthless take down of centuries old propaganda.

5. It just won a 2021 Weekly Best Comedy Award at the Adelaide Fringe. It’s certified fresh and funny!

Gillian English performs She Wolf at Storyville Melbourne Mar 23 – Apr 4
Tickets Available Here: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/she-wolf