5 Good Reasons To See Scott Limbrick: The Last Blockbuster on Earth

1. The resolution is unbelievable. Forget Blu-ray, DVDs, VHS or laser discs. This show will be as visually sharp as reality itself, maybe even sharper.

2. It’s fun for the whole family! But if it had to go through the film classification board, it would probably get an M15+.

3. You won’t believe how many genres this show can fit in it. I’d say at least nine – such is the power of the video hire store.

4. No need to rewind. I physically cannot do the show in reverse! You are in absolutely no danger of witnessing this.

5. No late return fees. You literally can’t return this show, so there is no way you can be charged for being tardy in doing so. Instead, you can keep it as a treasured memory forever.

Scott Limbrick performs The Last Blockbuster on Earth at The Improv Conspiracy Swanston on all Fri, Sat & Suns of the Festival

Tickets Available Here: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/scott-limbrick