5 Good Reasons to see Scary Goats Tour

1. It’s an hour-long horror-comedy play! There aren’t many plays on for the festival this year, and even fewer are about goats! We at SGT are proud to be the only ghost goat-centric play* on for this year’s festival.

2. The horror movie shout-outs. We are big fans of classic horror films here at SGT, and we wanted to pay tribute to some of our favourites. From the characters’ names to some key scenes, keen-eyed and eared horror fans will spot some homages to some of the most influential films of the genre.

3. The puns. Oh, the puns. Have you ever wondered how many goat-themed puns can be packed into an hour show? Wonder no more!

4. It’s been in production for 18 months. Scary Goats Tour was originally written in 2019 to be staged for the 2020 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We all know how that turned out – due to Covid the show was goatsponed to 2021 but now we are ready to grab this year’s festival by the horns!

5. It’s educational! The show features many fun and surprising facts about goats! Did you know that goats can swim? We didn’t until we wrote the show! Come to Scary Goats Tour and learn even more fun facts!

*that we know of.

Scary Goats Tour is on at The Butterfly Club til April 4 (Get in quick!) at 5.30pm

Tickets Available Here:   https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/scary-goats-tour