5 Good Reasons to See Charlie Zangel: Cockatiel

1. Because it’s a toe-tapping, wing-flapping, bird-crapping triumph of comedy gold!

2. It follows the tale of a young homosexual on the road to glory. And Grindr. And the callous wasteland we call stand-up comedy. Also there’s an ongoing rivalry with Australian icon Nikki Webster.

3. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on all the live songs that, for copyright reasons, I cannot release outside the live shows! Trust me they’re bangers.

4. One day when I’m Nicole Kidman’s protĂ©gĂ© and body double, you’ll wanna be able to say “I saw him when he was still a twink!”

5. It’s a heartfelt and hilarious love letter to my fellow cockatiels growing up queer in Melbourne.

Charlie Zangel performs Cockatiel at Comedy Republic until March 5

Tickets Available Here:    https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/cockatiel