Lizzy Hoo : Hoo Dis?

By Lisa Clark

The most amazing thing to find out about Lizzy is how new she is to the Australian comedy scene. Originally from Brisbane and now living in Sydney, I’d suspected she’d been honing her craft there for many years but she’s only been doing standup since 2017! She is so relaxed on stage and yet has the commanding and confident presence of someone with ten years’ experience on the boards.

As the title suggests Lizzy is letting us get to know who she is. We begin in the present where she demonstrates her ability to get great laughs out of current politics and the horrible year that some comedians are avoiding like the plague. Her crowd work proves that she’s quick on her feet and has a finely tuned wit. She takes us back to her childhood where she finds a lot of amusing nostalgic anecdotes. Fans of the 90s will find lots to laugh about. There are also tales of her misspent youth under her wild-child non de plume (am hoping she delves deeper into this potentially colourful character in the future).

Things get a bit dark about 2/3s of the way in when Lizzy takes us even further back sharing hardships of previous generations, the wars experienced by her parents and grandparents, and she has the best Y2K gag I’ve ever heard. It’s a belter and made the audience gasp somewhat. But Lizzy isn’t a dark comic, she soon brings us back out into the light even when talking about serious fundamental life choices.

It’s always fantastic to discover a great new comedian. Her confidence is slightly less surprising when you find out she began doing standup in her mid-30s but her comedy voice is strong and her instincts spot on. Lizzy keeps the energy up throughout with joke after joke for the full hour and it was an absolute joy to make her acquaintance.

Hoo Dis? is on at The Melbourne Town Hall (Cloak Room) and Mantra On Russell until April 18