Tommy Little: I’ll See Myself Out

By Dali Sulejmani-Blackwel 

Tommy Little, in his performance I’ll See Myself Out demonstrates why he has become such a well-known TV personality, with his strong wit and relatable content he is also truly excellent in his showmanship.

Straight up Tommy shows his innate ability to involve the crowd in his performance, treating them as old friends. He does not shy away from audience members taking photos of him or showing off his improv skills while chatting with the crowd and he does not let many off lightly, whether audience members or objects of his humour.

Little, is a middle-aged single man dealing with losing his youth, but keeping young at heart which gives him the knack to relate to those of all ages. The show is like catching up with a mate who’s got many a tall tale to share. Tommy also covered a smorgasbord of topics, ranging from betting on the uber eats driver to skydiving. At times it felt like a show within a show, the side titbits arguably take up most of the show but it sure pays off, as it gets the audience gasping for air or on the edge of their seats.

Tommy’s personability allows him to perform sometimes edgy material that would shock and awe those not accustomed to his no-holds-barred brand of comedy. Little, is the naughty class clown you can’t get enough of, his comedy is superficial at times, but it is sure to make you laugh, cringe or both at the same time.

I’ll See Myself Out makes you think about that adage, time flies when you are having fun. Little’s delivery of jokes about the seemingly banal moments in life is a laugh riot and this is certainly a show worth seeing this year.

Tommy Little performs I’ll See Myself Out until 17th of April