5 Good reasons to See Comedy On The Rocks

1 – You are passionate about wizards, 80’s dance aerobics, online dating, camels, ant seminars and tackling climate change (among other things)

2 – With 10 cast members, and over 36 years combined studying various Arts Degrees,  THATS A WHOLE LOT of HECS Debt. So you can sleep easy knowing you’re helping us pay it off, one ticket at a time.

3 – You love games and a cheeky chuga-lug so if kings cup is your cup of tea, you’ll love this theatre drinking game.

4 – With 5 short plays by different comedians you’re bound to chuckle and chortle at SOMETHING. Or feel free to take us up on our 999 day money back guarantee***
*** Soz, no refunds. If you don’t find us funny, our mums do and that’s all that matters ***

5 – Brag to your friends about seeing us before we were famous and got our own Netflix specials.

Comedy On The Rocks is on at Palace of Magnificent Experiences Apr 1 to 24 Fri to Sun