5 Good reasons to see Heather Valentine: Mastress of Ceremonies

1. Nutbush. No explanation required.

2. Want to see what would happen if Fleabag and the cast of Four Weddings and a Funeral had a love child, who was then forced to MC her ex-boyfriend’s wedding? Then this is the show for you.

3. The perfect night out for a group of girlfriends, smug couples or men looking for a room filled with a lot of women who have impeccable taste in comedy shows.

4. A chance to get the gang together to reminisce about all the terrible weddings you’ve been at – the speeches that made fifty shades of grey seem tame, and the bridesmaid dresses that were purposely chosen to make sure you looked like human fairy floss.

5. Alcohol. There is a bar next to the seats and you are encouraged to keep topped up the whole way through the show. Raise your glasses to love (yuk)!

Heather Valentine performs Mastress of Ceremonies is on at 7pm April 4 – 10 at The Motley Bauhaus