5 Good Reasons to see Ellen Marning’s Shticky Business

1. You’re hungry for some absurd financial sketch comedy action. The perfect bridge between comedy and biz-ness.

2. You’re keen to see a Lobster finally fulfill their life-long passion as an artist after years of major job dissatisfaction.

3. You want exclusive insight into the Art of Selling from debauched and high-octane corporate pioneer, Jolene O’Byrne.

4. Robert Downie’s sound design. He’s a verified musical wizard and he’s created in-cred-i-ble bangers *chef’s kiss that you will not want to miss.

5. With big cheques and even bigger hair, what’s not to like?

Shticky Business by Ellen Marning is on at Storyville Melbourne 29 March – 10 April.
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