5 Good Reasons To See Kelly Mac: Wrong Side of 50

5. No dick jokes. The absence of the beloved dick joke has nothing to do with respect for my husband and everything to do with boredom. This is what happens when you start having sex at 17, get married at 21 and don’t die.

4. What message? I do jokes and storytelling, both from the perspective of a cynical Gen Xer. If you’re looking for messages of redemption or hope, go see Anthony Robbins or [insert name of very successful Oz female comedian here].

3. Hey gang, we can put on the show in the backyard! You get to be part of the creative process. This show will have had precisely one performance before being laid at the feet of you, some of the most sophisticated stand-up audiences in Australia. Believe me, this wasn’t the plan. The plan was to polish it on the fringe festival circuit. First Sydney. Cancelled. Then Melbourne. Border closure. Don’t worry, there’s Adelaide! I get Covid. So, no eye rolls if you see me reaching for my notes. We’re in this together as I shape this elephant into a tour-ready whippet.

2. Something for everyone. What can I say, I’m a people pleaser. Don’t let the title fool you. Whether it’s pop culture or dry vaginas, everyone gets a slice of fairy bread.

1. The Price. If you don’t love a deal you should be stripped of your citizenship. Cue the promocodes. Enter KELLYMAC at checkout to get $10 tix to the preview shows. Buy a ticket to my show AND “Take 3: The Return”, enter TOPDOG, and get 30% off both tix. Oh, and if you’re the ultimate dealer, hit up Promotix for the freebies. Naturally, if you decide to support the arts and pay full price, your name will be immediately entered into The Book of Nice People.

Kelly Mac: Wrong Side of 50 is on at Lantern Lounge Upstairs, Caz Reitops Dirty Secrets Apr 1 – 14