5 Good Reasons To See Anthony Locascio’s Don’t Call Me A Wog!

1 Anthony Locascio is a pretty funny dude; he had two SOLD OUT runs at the Sydney Comedy Festival, was invited to perform in the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala in 2021 at Enmore Theatre, and a two-time NSW Raw State Finalist. He also has a special on Amazon and Apple TV (go check it out) This is his first national tour!

2 This show is the story of Anthony’s complex relationship with his Greek/Italian roots; it shows how a person’s relationship with their cultural background is unique, personal, and a fundamentally ‘relatably unrelatable’ experience. It is for ALL Australians, not just those whose parents/grandparents sailed from the Mediterranean.

3 Its not what you think it is. This show is using the word ‘Wog’ in its branding shamelessly, to attract a large number of Italians and Greeks, but is unlike any ‘ethnic comedy show’ you’ve ever seen. No stereotypes, no in-jokes, just pure self-deprecating stories from a guy who’s felt imposter syndrome in every group he’s been in.

4 This isn’t just a man with a mic and opinions (though they’re all there too); this show has a lot of props, music, poetry, cool light stuff, and a slideshow with plenty of embarrassing photos and videos. It’s a fun show.

5 Because, by virtue of reading this far, you get a discount code. Type LOCASH at checkout. Follow Anthony on Instagram @anthony.locash to find out what the code means, and SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!

Anthony Locascio performs Don’t Call Me A Wog! at Club Voltaire Apr 10 – 24