5 Good Reasons to See Callum Straford: Oops

1. Hi! This is Callum! I usually leave my marketing stuff in the safe hands of my marketing team, but I thought I’d give this a crack just to get the hang of it!

2. Come see my show!!! It’s at the Palais Theatre, which is an iconic venue!

3. I’ve just received word from my team that my show is in fact not at the Palais, it’s at Bard’s Apothecary. That sounds even better, as that name is even harder to pronounce. We all know that venues with the hardest names to pronounce are the best!

4. Shit – I’m already up to reason 4. I do sketch, musical and stand-up comedy. The material in Oops includes everything from a song titled ‘Things You Shouldn’t Say (If You Want To Get Laid)’ to a sketch involving a guy who is obsessed with sunscreen. What could go wrong?

5. This show is a rejection of perfectionism and a love letter to our mistakes. We leave our overly self-critical brains at the door and have the time of our lives! The show is fun, relatable and full of surprises. I might even make a few mistakes in the performance…. who nows?

Callum Straford presents Oops at Bard’s Apothecary Apr 11 – 23