5 Good Reasons To See Take 3: The Return

5. The Cast. We’re three comedians; Kru Harale, Kelly Mac and Annie Boyle, who span the generations: Young, Still Young, and Old As F*ck. Have fun guessing who’s who.

4. Viva la difference. Our comedic styles are as different as our BMIs. Kru’s the Digital Nomad, Kel’s the Slacker Grandma and Annie’s the Bush Reject. If you don’t gel with one of us, don’t worry, someone much funnier will be along soon.

3. The Highlight. Obviously, that’s when we all spontaneously crowd-surf.

2. The Venue. We think the name says it all: Caz Reitops Dirty Secrets. If that doesn’t scream ‘cocktails and dark corners’, we don’t know what does.

1. The Price. Who doesn’t love a deal? Buy a ticket to our show AND Kelly Mac: Wrong Side of 50, enter TOPDOG at checkout, and get 30% off both tix.

Take 3: The Return is on at Caz Reitops Dirty Secrets Apr 10 – 14