Two Little Dickheads : Kapow!

Reviewed By Bren Carruthers

Welcome to Dicktopia, a post-apocalyptic land where cats rule, and the only way for Two Little Dickheads and other survivors to win their freedom is to prove their dickheadedness. After debuting at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe, Kapow!, a sequel to Two Little Dickheads’ 2018 MICF show, is finally getting its Melbourne run at Storyville.

Kicking us off with a pre-show ukulele duet (a take on John Prine’s charming In Spite Of Ourselves), our Dickheads (real-life couple Sharmena Nougar and David Tieck) lurch frenetically through their catalogue of undeniable talents. With Tieck drawing on his experiences with improv and sketch writing, and Nougar’s background in clowning, cabaret and physical comedy, and the addition of magic, dance and musical comedy, the duo offer up a full smorgasbord of unpretentious fun that make Kapow! an eclectic delight.

With the bio-glitter-spackled and cat pyjama-clad couple mixing in everything from Play School inspired tunes and classic juvenilia, to the occasional exposed body part, Kapow! has a red cordial-fuelled slumber party energy with a distinctly adult bent.

Ultimately, it’s the relationship between Nougar and Tieck that is the real highlight of the show. From that charismatic opener, to their sharp timing, comfort with each other’s bodies and obvious affection, it goes well beyond the chemistry of most comedic partnerships. It feels as though a curtain has been drawn back for a moment, giving us all a brief, distilled and endearing look into their lives – and the kind of relationship where you can be your silliest, most ridiculous self. Add a little gentle audience participation, and with any luck, you’ll leave the venue feeling like a Dickhead too.

Kapow! is on at Storyville until April 10.