Woah, Alyssa! – Woah, Alyssa! 4

Reviewed by Bren Carruthers

Col Buckland and Fil Lescaut return to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival stage once again, with the fourth iteration of their sketch show Woah, Alyssa!. Their late-night weekend shows are fast becoming a cult favourite, having reaped a sell-out run and a Golden Gibbo nomination in 2021.

The couple draw on their open relationship, gay culture and pop culture as they rip through sketches, dance numbers and conversational comedy, generating something of a party atmosphere in their wake. The guiding hand of director Mark Bonanno (Aunty Donna) is apparent, but the panache and pride on display is unmistakably Col and Fil.

While the topics can be as niche as one might expect, ranging from Princess Di to ‘accidental’ meth use, there are certainly some more widely relatable moments. Fil’s uncomfortably supportive Serbian grandmother and Col’s flirtsome sheet-clad escapades are particular highlights.

It must be said: on this particular night, there were a number of technical difficulties, including a lightning venue change. It would be brutal to judge the duo for things beyond their control, but well worth praising them for keeping the audience thoroughly entertained and on-side despite the horrific luck. Staying true to their formula, a smattering of humility and buckets of charisma ensured that no one left unhappy, an impressive testament to their abilities.

Woah, Alyssa! 4 is on at The Westin on Friday and Saturday nights until April 23rd.