Simon Taylor: Epic

Reviewed by Peter Newling

The two flights of stairs that lead up to The Toff In Town in the old Curtin House building help walk off a pre-show meal (although there is an elevator for those not so inclined). An impressively large and diverse Tuesday night crowd made the trek up the stairs to kick their festival off with Simon Taylor.

According to the MICF website, Taylor has written for such luminaries as Shaun Micallef and Jay Leno – and working for such comedy heavyweights has had a very positive impact on his style and talents.

In an industry where content is dominated by nark, Simon Taylor is a breath of fresh air. His material is not political or based on negativity – rather he takes his audience on a journey based on his own life experiences, including his recent marriage, his quest for a dog, and his travels in the States. Throughout this, the common thread of his beautiful relationship with his grandfather is interwoven amongst the stories, and gives the hour a solid foundation in genuineness and warmth.

Simon’s on-stage presence is glorious. An accomplished story-teller, he comes across like a friend who you like to spend time with, just to listen to his hilarious interpretation of what’s been happening since you last met. His 2022 offering also gives Simon an opportunity to show off some pretty impressive back-up skills in music, poetry and magic along the way – and he offers a masterclass in setting up a gag then blindsiding the audience with a surprise punchline.

Simon’s book – One Night Stand has received very positive reviews, and he is more than happy to make himself available to sign copies and have a chat at the end of the show.

Whether or not you’ve seen him before, or read his book, this is a show well worth adding to your list for the 2022 MICF.

Simon Taylor – Epic is playing Mar 31 – Apr 24