Alex Ward: You’re Welcome

Reviewed by Peter Newling

Alex Ward has shot into public consciousness over the past couple of years through appearances on Triple J, as well as shows like Have You Been Paying Attention and Tonightly. But in her 2022 MICF offering, she shows that she’s just as confident and capable in delivering a terrific hour of stand-up, as she is doing on-air or on-screen stuff.

True to previous years’ offerings, Ward’s material is quite personal and very much based around her own life experience, covering recollections of early gigs, growing up in Ipswich, family traditions, family relationships – that sort of thing.

She paints her younger self as a rather precocious child, convinced of her infallibility and instrumental in saving the world from bad outcomes (hence the title of the show). She revels in recounting those life moments where everything she’s ever believed is turned on its head – not just in childhood but as a young adult as well.

The warmth of the relationship that Ward establishes with her audience is just delightful. Her awkward chattiness is 100% endearing as we relive her life experiences with her, cheering for her all the way. Her direct interactions with audience members are genuine and non-threatening, and she has an exceptional ability to shelve gags for later use.

You’re Welcome is not the most inventive set you’ll ever see, but there’s plenty to like about it. And the Chinese Museum is an amazing place to be.

Alex Ward is doing a great job of making stand-up accessible to a new generation of fans.

Alex Ward: You’re Welcome is playing March 31 – April 24 in the Silk Room at the Chinese Museum