Hannah Fairweather: Just a Normal Girl Who Enjoys Revenge!

By Ron Bingham

This is a tale of revenge, or the tale of someone who has listened to Taylor Swift a bit too often.

Apparently there is a TayTay song about writing the names of those who have done you wrong in a diary. Which is sort of the inspiration for this show, but it is really more of a look back at the fascinating life of Hannah, who travelled the world as a child with her parents, got a golf scholarship to a South Carolina Christian university, despite being an atheist, then studied engineering, before working as an accountant, so unsurprisingly she ends up in standup comedy. I’m still trying to work out how all of that is possible in one so young.

We heard stories of the people who crossed her and her battles with religious instruction, along with a number of rather dodgy jokes about her brother (which are pretty unrepeatable). I agreed with her about housemates who don’t bother to buy toilet paper, as did it seems, most of the rest of the audience in the full house.

About the only criticism of the show was that Hannah was speaking too fast and stumbling in her rush to get the words out. I’m sure she’ll be much more relaxed as the Fringe progresses, and I predict she has a bright future in comedy.

Just a Normal Girl Who Enjoys Revenge! is on at Just the Tonic at The Caves