Sarah Keyworth: Lost Boy

By Ron Bingham

Lost Boy” is about love, loss, lockdown and losing it. The fusion of the sad stories with comedy is done effortlessly and stylishly.

Sarah Keyworth has the capacity crowd enthralled by her journey through (financially draining) therapy sessions, falling in love with a long time friend, being repeatedly mistaken for a teenage boy, and losing a close friend and comedy muse. There are some brilliant, soaring jokes as well as a couple of gratifying groaners and a little chat with the audience about the habits of long-term couples. She revealed her original plans for a big opening which were scuppered by Covid, and gave us a truly rock and roll ending to the show.

Sarah may look like a weedy teenager but she is in actuality a seasoned and confident, powerful performer at the top of her game who should be seen and enjoyed by every comedy lover.

Lost Boy is on at Pleasance Courtyard