Laura Davis – Well Don’t Just Stand There Dancing

By Bren Carruthers

We’ve all been thrown about during this pandemic era, and perhaps few more than Laura Davis. The Perth export has been bobbing around the globe like a cork in the ocean these past few years, with the usual festival schedule graciously bringing her back to our shores for Well Don’t Just Stand There Dancing.

Much like in Davis’ hit show from last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the pandemic influence is apparent, shaping some of the undercurrent of themes. But Davis’ signature strength is her ability to draw from seemingly innocuous topics – in this case, anything from Jurassic Park to revolution – and constellate a story far greater than the sum of its parts.

Davis mentions in an aside during the show that she never wanted to be a comedian; she wanted to be a poet. Her ability to weave dexterously from theme to theme, deftly using her sharp mind and anarchic energy to pull the threads of her work into position is a kind of poetry in itself, with its own meter and rhythm, something incomparably uniquely and distinctly Davis.

As a fiercely independent artist, Laura Davis is one of Australia’s most underappreciated (by those unfamiliar with her work) and fascinating comedians, and Dancing sees her at the top of her game. Word is already getting around and her shows will start to sell out. Book now, before the AFP shuts her down.

Laura Davis – Well Don’t Just Stand There Dancing is on at Campari House until April 23