Cancellation of MICF 2020

We at Squirrel Comedy are gutted at the news that this years Melbourne International Comedy Festival (amongst many other large public events) has been cancelled due to health concerns. Our Hearts go out to all the performers, producers, the tech people and support crew. Everyone who worked so hard and put their time, energy, love and money into creating a super, fabulous Festival.

Here is a statement from Festival Director Susan Provan:

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement about non-essential mass gatherings, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The success of our Festival is in the way that comedy transforms our city for the inspiration and entertainment of hundreds of thousands of comedy lovers.

Our primary concern is the health and welfare of our artists and participants, staff and audiences. Cancelling the Festival is heartbreaking but the only decision possible to support the community’s efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

We’re devastated by the news but thank everyone for their understanding and support.

Ticketholders will be notified shortly regarding refunds.

No decision has been made about the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow, due to commence in late April.

If you’re healthy, while you can, please support the local comedy rooms. If you find yourself stuck at home, almost all of the performers who were to appear at the festival have some content online (be it videos, podcasts, etc) for you to enjoy. If you can, throw them a buck or two as all performers have invested large amounts of time and money into the preparation of their shows. In some cases this Festival is often their main source of income and they help make Melbourne a top festival city and tourist destination.

So everyone stay safe and hygenic out there. We all need a laugh in these trying times.

5 Reasons to see Milo Edwards: Pindos

1. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for a westerner to get famous in Russia (and even if you haven’t) this show will answer your questions.

2. The show garnered 4 and 5 star reviews and an award at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019

3. You will receive vital tips about what not to do if you are arrested in rural Russia.

4. There is no other show at the festival by a British guy who became a TV comic in Russia.

5. You will learn Russian swearing extremely useful for resolving arguments in the sauna.

Pindos is on at Tasma Terrace from March 24 to April 19

5 Good Reasons to See Diana Nguyen: Chasing Keanu Reeves

1. Keanu Reeves – he is the most wanted actor at the moment, and it all started with a meme photo of him sitting sad on the bench. We want more of Keanu Reeve’s matrix.

2. Chasing Keanu Reeves

3. Chasing Keanu Reeves to have my baby. However, I am being considerate and will be freezing my eggs just in case it doesn’t work out.

4. Tips how to find love on Linkedin! In the past two years I have accumulated 34k Sugar Mummy and Daddys!

5. This is my 15th year in the entertainment industry, and I have accumulated a whole list of roles on Australian TV:

– UnderBelly for 20 seconds
– Upper Middle Bogan for 20 seconds
– Jack Irish for 20 seconds
– Please Like Me for 20 seconds

In 2020, I want to extend my career to 25 seconds with Keanu Reeves.

Chasing Keanu Reeves is on at Greek Centre from March 26 to April 19

5 reasons to see Bill Makin: Daywalker

1. Daywalker is based on 5 stories about my family.

2. The cure for Atheism: Once know for their drinking and witty conversation, atheists nowadays take themselves very seriously. Can it be cured?

3. Two stories about boats: I capsize in one of them.

4. Pack-A-Shit-Ticket: Can a mayonnaise dispute tear a family apart?

5. The importance of family research: Could you possibly be related to a serial killer?

Daywalker is on at Globe Alley from April 6 to 18

5 good reasons to see Aurélia St Clair: Woke

1. You will receive a questionnaire that will tell you just how woke you are

2. Has a Jehovah’s witness ever knocked on your door? Want to talk about it after the show? I used to be one and all the door knocking has really prepared me for stand up comedy

3. My comedy style has been described as deadpan, sassy, disarming and funny as f*ck and I know that’s your jam cause jelly don’t shake like this

4. I play some dope intro and outro music so download shazam and wear your dancing shoes

5. I’ve invited my crush to the show, please buy a ticket so I don’t look like a loser when she comes to see the it!!

Woke is on at Crowded in The Vaults from March 24 to April 5

5 Good Reasons to See Andrew Dawson & Ting Lim in “The Situation”

1. This show is the perfect East meets West combination – an Asian woman and a straight white male. Come to this show if you like your comedy honest, silly and different.

2. This show is a motivational talk for people who are lost and have messed up. You will leave feeling a whole lot better about your life.

3. Our venue is beautiful. Imagine being on the scene from Eyes Wide Shut and laughing.

4. The show is at 7.15pm. You will have enough time to have a couple of sneaky wine before heading over and you wouldn’t be home too late. Winner winner chicken dinner!

This show is part stand up, part story-telling and part observational humour. There is a bit of everything for everyone.

The Situation is on at Tasma Terrace from April 6 to 19