5 Good Reasons to see Nath Valvo – Boy Next Door

1. Making this list reminds me of the song “20 good reasons” by Thirsty Merc (who ironically all now work at a Juice Bar called Thirsty Merc) so maybe the first reason to see my show is that you won’t hear the song “20 good reasons” by Thirsty Merc.

2. I have done my research (throughly) and will present my ultimate Grindr Vs Tinder research results. They are truly whore’ish and awesome.

3. I will share the single most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me in my life. It went down on a first date. It was truly awful for me … will be greatly entertaining for you.

4. My show is on at 9.30 … I have just looked up what is on the TV at that time! Pretty shit options!
Law and Order SVU, American Restoration, Dateline, 2 Broke Girls … and Station Close (ABC 3) that means the station is literally closed … surely my show will be better than that (maybe).

5. You’ll probably pick up at my show.*

*I have no evidence or knowledge of that ever happening however WHY NOT?! Get your best suit on, smack on some nice smelly stuff and you never know what could happen at my show!**

**You probably won’t pick up at my show.

Nath Valvo – Boy Next Door is on at Melb Town Hall – Backstage Room

5 Good Reasons to See Matty Grey’s Grossed Out Game Show

#1 – We are NOT a sickly-sweet and innocent little kids show where parents show up to take a nap. We are laugh-so-hard-snot-comes-out-your-nose type stuff. What better bonding experience for kids and parents than laughing at each other… I mean with each other, with!


#2 – We have organised a selection of the best comedians that the festival has to offer as our special guests. Come along if you want to see performers like Adam Richards, Felicity Ward, Axis of Awesome, Rebecca De Unamuno, El Jaguar and a host of others completely covered in SLIME!


#3 – We will probably be the messiest show at the festival this year. And do you know what venue we are in? Comedy on Collins, the Clean Comedy venue! Alanis Morissette eat your heart out!


#4 – We got a letter from a large corporation in America last year trying to stop us doing our show! Come to the Grossed Out Game Show to support the little guy and DAMN THE MAN!!! (Want to find out which big baddy tried to stop us? You have to come to the show to hear the story!)


#5 – I did mention that we had slime didn’t I? What more reasons do you need?

Matty Grey’s Grossed Out Game Show is a kids show on at Comedy on Collins for a week from the 7th of April


The Standup Comedy Experience – Exit Laughing

By Luke Simmons 

Exit Laughing took place on the day after the Melbourne International Comedy Festival finished and when it became clear the night was about the culmination of a comedy training course by Robert Grayson, I thought it would make sense to critique the process rather than purely the comics on the night.  For that reason I stuck around with him at the end and got him to share parts of the process.  I was impressed by his approach

Robert Grayson is a New York steeled stand-up comic who has turned teacher. He now runs short to medium length training programs which are designed to get anyone ready to deliver a set.  In fact, he can count Damien Power and Mel Buttle as previous students.

Running over 6 weeks, it contains a mixture of group work and one-on-one tuition. During the starting phase, ideas are cultivated and writing skills are worked on. From there, they gain experience on the mic and support from the teachers.

The overall objective of the training is to perform the first set at the Exit Laugh graduation night. This night contains every open mic’ers dream first gig in front of a supportive crowd of family and friends. Grayson played the MC role and set the scene initially by explaining – with a smile – that, “This is an adult comedy night, if you’re likely to be offended it would be best to f*ck awf now”.

All members of the group (Helen Henry, Triona Desmond, Kathy Ward, Andrew Kelso, Janet Kelso, Pauline Sherlock, Petra Kelly, Ross Barnes, Janelle Kaloudis, Peter Cook, & Kirsty Webeck) displayed great ideas and made the crowd laugh regularly throughout their performances. Particular credit goes out to Triona Desmond who captured the audience’s attention with her carefully delivered set. Once she “squares this one away”, this routine would kill in any English speaking comedy room.

Grayson says that this sort of training is ideal for any comics who want a bit of polish before they hit the open audience. He tries to sharpen their language skills, teach them how to be themselves on the stage, and take their focus off fear. He also stresses the importance of letting go and willing yourself to get into a “vulnerable” state.

If any aspiring open mic’ers are interested in getting some formal training before getting on the stage, this could be a good course to consider.


Winners of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards 2013

By Lisa Clark

What an amazing fabulous festival it has been.

As usual the winners of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards were announced on the final night at the Festival Club in the Hifi Bar. This year American UK resident Rich Hall was rewarded for his fifteenth show at the festival in Melbourne. We give our heartiest congratulations to all the winners (as well as all the nominees. how do they choose between them?)

The Full List of Award winners is below.

Funny Tonne Award – Nick Taras who saw 147 shows

The Golden Gibbo – Simon Keck for Nob Happy Sock

highly commended by The Golden Gibbo – Standard Double by Kate Mclennan and Wes Snelling

The Piece of Wood – David Quirk – Shaking Hands with Danger

Directors Choice Award – Mel Buttle – How Embarrassment

People’s Choice is Arj Barker – Go Time

Best Newcomer – Luke McGregor – My Soulmate is Out of My League

Barry Award – Rich Hall.

Given out previously…

RAW Comedy – Demi Lardner

Class Clowns competition –  James Warren


Class Clown Winners

The Class Clowns competition was held today with hosts Matt Okine and DeAnne Smith and special feature act the Pajama Men.

There were contestants from all over Australia and the winner was Tasmanian James Warren. James wins $2,000! Well $1,000 for himself and $1,000 for his school.

The runners up were Lachie Clark (VIC), Emma Hogan (SA), Sam Perry (NT). Our heartiest congratulations to all who took part and we look forward to your future Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows!

Squirrels Top 5 Picks of the Festival

Well the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival is winding down this weekend.

We no longer hand out awards, because it is just too difficult for us to see everything, or even see the same shows as each other. Instead most of the Squirrels have picked their Top 5 shows. If they are still running we recommend that you might like to see some of them this weekend. It was really hard to narrow it down to only five.

Of course the festival isn’t over yet and we may see something that changes our list but we wanted to put this up before the festival was over so you could gain from our recommendations.

You’ll notice a few of the names crop up more than once. Some sold out shows are putting on extra performances in the final weekend like the play Choir Girl that had finished its run of three performances, but has added one on Sunday afternoon.

Check out the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website for details and keep festivalling ’til you drop!!

Lisa Clark 

Hannah Gadsby – Happiness is a Bedside Table

Dave Bloustien – The Grand Gignol

The Writers

Luke McGregor – My Soulmate is Out of My League

Sammy J – Potentially


Caitlin Crowley

Luke McGregor – My Soulmate is Out of My League

Hannah Gadsby – Happiness is a Bedside Table

Michael Workman – Ave Loretta

Best Comics Worst Gigs

Dave O’Neil – 33 Things I Should Have Said No To



Cathy Culliver 

Dayne Rathbone – It’s Me Dayne

Luke McGregor – My Soulmate is Out of My League

Simon Keck – Nob Happy Sock

Dr Professor Neal Portenza

Ryan Coffey – Late & Loud


Colin Flaherty 

Fabian Lapham & The Actual Musicans:God Fights the Dinosaurs & 9 Other Stories That Will Awesome You in the Face.

Simon Keck – Nob Happy Sock

Set List

Choir Girl – Sarah Collins

David Quirk – Shaking Hands with danger


Elyce Phillips 

Lessons with Luis – Famoucity!

Lords of Luxury

Sam Simmons – Shitty Trivia

Lawrence Leung’s Part-time Detective Agency

Mike Birbiglia – My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend


Luke Simmons 

Khaled Khalafalla – Devious

Brendon Walsh

Bev Killick – Goes “There”…Again

Daniel Connell – Mr Personality 1988

Trevor Noah – The Racist


2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival finishes on Sunday 21st of April