5 good reasons to see Des Bishop’s Grey Matters

1. The last 15 minutes of my shell is like the best sex therapy you will ever experience. Many previously difficult moments in the bedroom will no longer be a problem after you see the show.

2. If you are like me and you don’t have kids you will love my observations on what it’s like watching your friends all have them. If you are like my friends and you have kids you will absolutely love listening to what you look like to the single side of the world.

3. If you have a thing for Irish people then my show will be one of the best places to meet an Irish person in the whole of Melbourne. If you Snapchat me @desbuffer in advance of the show I might even announce on stage that a lovely Australian has a thing for Irish people man or a woman I am happy to be the matchmaker.

4. I have recently learned how to dance and there is no Way to guarantee the show won’t turn into a disco party at the end.

5. For the lads I have some great suit choices that might inspire some fashion ideas and for the ladies I look great in a suit!

Des Bishop’s Grey Matters is on at The Greek Centre

For Information and tickets go to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website