5 Good Reasons to see The Improv Conspiracy Tournament of Teams

1. Sixteen teams comprised by over 60 of Melbourne’s best comedians and most experienced improvisers are competing in the Tournament of Teams.

2. It features four different improv comedy teams performing every show (with the exception of the Grand Final which will be just two teams with a greater time limit). Different acts each show with a very different style of comedy than the one before them, all for just $10!

3. YOU decide which teams continue forward in the tournament by voting at the end of every show.

4. The tournament has a fun little storyline orbiting around it featuring four different characters (Alien Commander, Superhero, Fairy Princess, Corporate Powerhouse) that will be hosting each show.

5. It’s completely improvised! ANYTHING could happen! This is the must-see improv event of the year.

The Tournament of Teams on at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre every Friday and Saturday until April 22