Juliette Burton – Butterfly Effect

By Ron Bingham Butterfly Effect

Good luck trying to get a ticket for Juliette’s show, as it is selling out days in advance, and that is no surprise. This is a well crafted show about the crazy year that Juliette has had and how being unexpectedly kind can have far reaching positive consequences.

In previous shows, Juliette has spoken about her mental health issues and her relationships with her partner, friends and family. This show continues the theme with a little more detail about her parents and their effect on her. We have some video footage of Juliette out and about testing some theories about cat-calling and kindness. There are some lovely hand drawn illustrations and a challenge posed to the audience at the end.

The pace of the show is relentless. There is a lot of story and comedy to get through and there is hardly a moment to catch your breath from the time the show starts to when it ends (there may be presents after the show, as well).

If you love a good solid hour of honest story-telling with a lot of love and humanity, plus a bunch of very funny jokes, then I can only suggest booking tickets as fast as you can. Uplifting, entertaining and engaging.

Butterfly Effect is on at Gilded Balloon Teviot until August 27