Kai Humphries : Punch-Drunk

By Ron Bingham
Kai Humphries

This is a beautifully heart-warming and uplifting homage from Kai to his family and friends, and the influences they have had on his life. He introduces us, via a projector / display screen, to both his grandfathers and his big brother, telling both good and bad tales about them.

Kai tells us about his experience setting up a comedy club in his town of Blyth (just next to Newcastle) and what can possibly happen when you use the first image on google for your club’s logo.  The biggest part of the show, and the one that will probably have most audience members shedding a little tear, is a perfect demonstration of what can happen when a community comes together to help a sick child.

Kai is an excellent storyteller who is not afraid to reveal embarrassing secrets about his past. There are some very funny video moments during the show (I especially loved the one at the very end of the show). The show is selling out, deservedly so, and is a must-see for anyone who would love to see an hour of personal and positive comic tales. Do yourself a favour and see this wonderful show.

Punch-Drunk is on at Gilded Balloon Teviot until August 28