Rhys Nicholson: I’m Fine

By Phoebe O’Brien Rhys I'm Fine pic

Rhys Nicholson is sharp-tongued and in full force with his new show I’m Fine.

Nicholson hits you like a sugar rush. He is delectable and sweetly enticing, yet in moments can have you crashing. Nicholson’s dizzying mix of glamour within a stark reality is tied together neatly in one of his own best bow ties.

Performing at the Underbelly Med Quad Nicholson is not afraid to test the audience early on and go that extra bit darker for the laughs, often teasing ‘it’s going to get darker’. And it does.

Threaded throughout the show is his mother’s saying ‘you either commit to something or you run away’ which Nicholson provides charming retellings of examples of each. He forms these chaotic yet somehow bright versions of his earlier years, where the common idea that ‘it’s not funny now, but it will be later’ rings true for many of the yarns he spins.

A highlight to Nicholson, is his incredible ability to build upon the joke he has already set up in a sort of rapid fire round. It’s almost as if he has a self timer on where he must get out the most quips before time runs out. Clearly a credit to his natural quick wit and tight writing technique.

Amongst chat about dicks, Nicholson brings light to mental health in honest anecdotal stories of his own anxiety. Showcasing his seamless effort to perform contrasting material.

I’m Fine is like a high speed train almost on the verge of derailing but quickly stays on track in this clever and energetic hour.

You will definitely want to commit to Rhys Nicholson.