Godley’s Cream – 20 Years and Counting

By Ron Bingham

It’s funny the difference between mother and daughter. I saw Ashley Storrie in this room two weeks ago and she never mentioned her mum, except as “mum” in some of her stories, and failed to mention that her mum had a show in the same room (probably not wishing to ride on her legendary coat tails). Mum, or Janey Godley, on the other hand, was obviously very proud of her daughter by mentioning her comedy career a number of times and recommending her at the end.

A much loved mainstay of the Glasgow comedy scene, Janey has been performing stand-up comedy for 20 years and she’s here to share the wisdom of her experience. We’re given a couple of her favourite stories from years past as well as some new material. We hear about a battle with a local Tory councillor who threatened to come and spoil the show, some Twitter wars with demented Rangers’ fans and Janey’s battle against Donald Trump (Here’s her Blog where you can enjoy her “subtle” protesting skills). On the night I was there we heard her tell of her slightly autistic husband, ways to irritate people in first class on trains, the difference between growing up now and in the old days where you were chucked out of the house at the start of summer and left to fend for yourself and encounters with the dark side of Glasgow.

Janey is such a charming delight to spend an hour with, this is one of the must-see shows of the Fringe and of course packing it out. A very outspoken woman, her performance is not recommended for staunch Tory voters or Trump supporters. Oh, and Janey explains at length why the C word is not offensive in Scotland. So lots and lots of swearing. Brilliant!

Godley’s Cream is on at Laughing Horse @ The Counting House until August 26