Croft & Pearce – Double Take

By Ron Bingham

After taking the 2017 Fringe off (for reasons they explain at the end of the show), Hannah Croft and Fiona Pearce are back with the continuing saga of Jean and June, the ultimate middle class ladies, and their families.

Set in a village that could produce a David Cameron or Theresa May, Hannah and Fiona introduce the audience to the trials and tribulations of these two characters. From the horrors of missing out on picking up the right marmalading oranges from Waitrose to not managing to book the village hall for the local craft fair due to a distressing faux pas with one’s grammar. Along with Jean and June, we also meet their children and some of the local village folk.

There are many scene changes but the pair never lose us, by expertly bringing us into their world, all without the need of props. Seemingly disconnected sequences gradually resolve into a seamless whole by show’s end. This pair have been a team for so long now that they work effortlessly together and always seem to be having as much fun performing the sketches as the audience does in watching them.

There are a few expletives and a tiny bit of chatting to the audience, but nothing too offensive or threatening. A pleasant afternoon’s entertainment from an engaging and accomplished comic duo.

Double Take is on at Underbelly, Bristo Square until August 26