5 Good reasons to See – Things We Found In The Swamp

1. We’ve done a bulk order of dildos off Wish for ‘art reasons’. No-one will believe us when we tell them it is for ‘art reasons’, but that is what they are for. Will they arrive in time? Come to the show to find out!

2. Speaking of being artists, we’ve done our utmost to make sure this show has enough bum jokes for everyone. How many bum jokes do you need a show to have in it in order to enjoy it? Five? Eight thousand? We haven’t counted but our show has an amount somewhere between those two numbers so hopefully you’ll be satisfied!

3. Our fabulous cast and director are all experienced improvisers who have helped us to develop our script. It’s been a true collaborative effort to cram as many jokes into this play as possible, and an utter joy.

4. The vibe of Things We Found In The Swamp has been described as ‘Parks and Rec meets Shrek’ and if you don’t think that sounds like fun you can get the hell out of my office.

5. Elyce and Rose are highly experienced at putting dumb jokes on stage. Elyce is a prolific writer and performer of sketch comedy, and Rose is a stand-up comedian. And now that they’ve joined forces to create a show for you they’ve become twice as funny, and twice as productive, and committed twice as many murders as before and it’s all your fault.

Things We Found In The Swamp by Rose Bishop and Elyce Phillips is on at Courthouse Hotel – The Jury Room from Sept 12 – 16