5 Good Reasons To See Paradise! A Cool & Smart Show

1. I don’t know how else to put this. It’s funny as fuck. It’s about two guys, Barney and Matt, who think they’re going to Paradise. They’re not (surprise). There are myriad bodily fluids involved and the show is a meditation on the power of forgiveness.

2. Seriously, people agree with us. We took this dumb thing to Perth and we sold out a bunch of shows and got a couple of sweet ★★★★ reviews. People keep comparing us to The Mighty Boosh.

3. You’ve got to be on board by now. If not, it means you miss out on an hour of genuinely alarming chemistry. We’re on the same wavelength so hard it’s crazy. We exude a powerful energy – a thick comedy vibe.

4. Come on, it’s gonna be fun. Ben Russell, our director, has produced some of the best MICF shows of recent years – like The Tokyo Hotel and Nö Shöw, or the podcast The Grub – and he reckons it’s funny too.

5. Really? You’ll come?! Thankyou so much. Barney’s theatre-making degree from WAAPA and Matt’s five years of stand-up comedy might actually have all been worth it. See you at Trades Hall!! 😘

Paradise! A Cool & Smart Show is on at Trades Hall from March 28 to April 7